Onze werkplaats is gewoon geopend! Er is iemand aanwezig van 11:00 tot 16:00 uur, druk op de deurbel bij het hek. Buiten deze tijden? De kans is er dat iemand aan het werk is, gewoon even proberen! In verband met de lockdown situatie is onze showroom gesloten voor verkoop. U kunt wel online bestellen, dit pakket leveren we zo snel mogelijk af bij het postkantoor.

Delivery and pick-up

Shipping a bicycle.. It sounds soo easy. Well, it's not! But we've got plenty or experience for shipping them fast and safe, without damaging the bike! We're always shopping for the right courier soo the prices are low but the shipment quality is high.

If you've ordered smaller products as well we'll combine them with your bicycle soo the shipment costs are as low as possible.

Home delivery - Bicycles till 20 inches, parts and accessories

When you've ordered parts, accessoires or a bicycle til the wheelsize of 20 inches we'll ship them with PostNL. Normally the package is delivered within two business days. You'll receive a trace ID to keep tracking your order every step of the way.

Home delivery - Bicycles above 20 inches and cargo-bikes

Bicycles and cargo bikes are delivered with a courier service. We're always searching for the cheapest but most professional company to ship your products with. All the bicycles are delivered fully assembled at your doorstep! You'll find this assembly service in just a few other online bicycle stores and normally never for the low prices we're offering!

Did you also order smaller bikes, parts or accessories? We're trying to combine as many as possible in order to keep the shipment costs low.

How is my bicycle packed?

If you're shipping a bike it must be packed in a box, ofcourse. It has te be protected from damaging! Because of that it's sometimes nescassary to remove the pedals and twist the steering wheel for 90 degrees. Since 2017 we discovered that it's about 80 euro's (approximately 71 pounds) cheaper to ship bicycles international when we're removing the front wheel and but it in a smaller box. This is why you have to put back the wheel after as well. Ofcourse we'll provide the right tools for you to do this and also there's a manual included in the box.

Are you lost in the forest? Then we're here for you, every day of the week! You can reach us on Facebook and Twitter or use other contact options.

I would like to collect the order myself

Sure, no problem! You can always come to our store in Almelo (Holland). Make sure your aware of the opening hours before visiting us!

What are the prices for shipping?

Bicycles until 20 inches by PostNL, 10 euro's (approximately 9 GBP).
Parts and accessories by PostNL, 6 euro's (approximately 5 GBP).
Small parts and accessoires by mail, 2 euro's (approximately 1.75 GBP).
Bicycles above 20 inch by courier, 29 euro's (approximately 25 GBP).
Delivery of cargo-bikes by courier, 50 euro's (approximately 44 GBP).

All the bicycles, including our cargo-bikes, are delivered assembled for 90%! Please read the "How is my bicycle packed?" above for more information.
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